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Cosplay Contest Rules 2017

Handmade Cosplay:

Costumes must be at least 70% handmade.

Progress photos are encouraged.



Closet Cosplay:

Costumes can be entirely premade, or pre-bought clothing or costumes.



1. Cosplays must follow the dress code of the event. Afterglow is a family friendly festival. No nudity. No profanity allowed on stage, including messages on signs or clothing. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.


2. Prejudging begins at 11:30am and ends at 1pm or until all contestants have been judged.  Contestants should arrive as early as possible to ensure that they get signed up.  Contestant can only sign up for the competition during this time at this location. The location of pre-judging is the Keeton Arts Center, 210 Main St, Grenada, MS 38901.


3. The contest begins at 4:45pm-5:45pm.  We ask that contestants arrive in the location at least 10 minutes prior to the contest in order to line up. Contestants must be present to win.


4. Groups can enter as one contestant.


5. All contestants must bring a photo of the character that they are cosplaying for judge comparison.


6. It is free to enter the cosplay contest, however all contestants must have a festival wristband or badge, which is $10 at the door.

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