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From Lyon, France, Marco is a freelance videographer. After constantly shooting and editing videos throughout middle and high school, Marco decided to take his passion for cinema as step further. He went on to study cinema for two years, specializing in frame and lighting at the BTS Audiovisuel of Villefontaine. He then studied film theory and analysis for two more years at the University of Lyon. During his school years, he worked on various sets, from many short-movies to full sized productions such as France's most popular soap opera, "Plus Belle la Vie." He has worked with the Lumière Film Festival and other film events. His favorite movies include those of Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson and the former Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam, from whom he claims to have inherited his oddity. His influence in terms of image are the work of Vilmos Zsigmond, Emmanuel Lubeski and Darius Khondji among many others.

Marco Drissi

2016 Film Jury

Additional jurors TBA

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