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We love short films! 

  • All official selections are under 30 minutes, and genres range from drama to comedy to animation to documentary to experimental.

  •  We play films from filmmakers of all ages in any part of the world, encouraging teenagers and kids to pursue the art, as well as supporting international filmmakers.

  • If you're wondering why this is an "Afterglow" film fest, it's because we have a spotlight category for "Feel-Good" films and films that "Inspire Positive Change." If you've got a short film that radiates happiness, we can't wait to see it. 

 "Can I Stay?" - Best Afterglow Film 2015

Awards & Prizes

Best of Festival 
Best AfterGlow (Feel-Good) 
Best Film to Inspire Positive Change 
Best AfterLaugh (Comedy) 
Best AfterDoc (Documentary) 
Best AfterDark (Dark Narrative)  
Best AfterWeird (Weird Film)  
Best AfterThought (Thought Provoking Film) 
Best Mississippi Film

 "As the Days Went By" - Best Afterthought Film 2015

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