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Basics of Video Game Development - Dustin Ruckman

Learn the basics from a self taught mastermind! Get started in video game development on your own.

Dustin, born in Mesquite, Texas, now calls Laurel, MS home. He has 23 years of experience in IT, with the 16 in software development. He currently works as a C# developer on medical record software at Jefferson Medical Associates in Laurel. Prior to that, he worked with Dell in an onsite resource center. He is fluent in many programming languages, including C#, HTML, CSS, PHP,  Javascript, and has experience with Python, C, C++, Visual Basics, Ruby, Perl, etc. Dustin started with game dev by creadting mods for already made games, and eventualy made his own MMO game using Realm Crafter. He's since started working with Unity/C# and released a Facebook enabled matching game for Android. He is currently working on a mobile "rapid tap" game, and has plans to make a mobile strategy/base building game. Click here for Dustin's Android game.


Mobile App Development

Terence Williams

Bring your notebook and your questions!

Most talked about tech guy in the south: Terence is the founder and CEO of Nobility Tech, a software development company specializing in mobile apps. He's proof that great people come from small towns, being from Coffeeville, MS! He's a current student of Software Development at Mississippi State University. Terence was chosen as one of the 350 students worldwide who were offered a scholarship to attend Apple's summit. A huge honor in itself! Apple representives were so impressed with him, that they also offered to pay for his wife Daesha to fly to California for the summit with him, as he wouldn't go without her. He's been interviewed and featured by many various outlets for his incredible story, as well as his mobile apps: Bully Walk (a customized campus GPS), Color Swerve, The Originals (a trivia app), Christlike, MiLo (location sharing), and Vizinote (a virtual to-do list - COMING SOON!). 

Drone Demo- Coop Cooper

What are the legalities involving drones? Where can you fly them? What kind of footage can you get? Coop knows. A drone will be given away at this workshop!

From Clarksdale, MS, Coop is one of the state's most beloved filmmakers. He studid at the American Film Institute in LA. He wears many hats in terms of film; director, cameraman, location scout, writer, sound guy, workshop director, critic - he's done it all! Most recently he's gotten into the drone scene. He works on many Mississippi films, including his own, which he's had the honor of being played at various film festivals all over.


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