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Afterglow Artists 2015!

Sharon Gardner

Sharon teaches the "Kreative Kids" art class, as well as teaching art to adults. She took classes from one of the most prestigious designers in America and England and attended MUW, Patricia Stevens Finishing School, Patricia Stevens Design School, and Oklahoma water color classes. She's a proud member of National Women in the Arts, Parents Television Council, Concerned Women of America, First Baptist Church Womens Ministry, Grenada Garden Club, Jr. Auxiliary, and Who's Who Women of the Southeast.

She will be teaching Afterglow's art workshop at 12:00 pm!


A local Mississippi artist known for her flamboyant style and vibrant use of colors in a variety of mediums.  She was the featured artist for Art Walk, an exceptional art exhibit in Fairhope, Alabama, portraying her “  Visions of Color” artwork.  She has participated in exhibits and shows in bothMississippi and Alabama and has painted with various nationally recognized artists as well.  Her amplification of color can be seen in some of her favorite New Orleans street scene paintings currently on display at Orleans Restaurant, in downtown Grenada.

Lou Golding

Andre Ray

I've always enjoyed art, history, and the outdoors. As a kid I wanted to be a forester but later decided I wanted someone to talk to besides trees. I grew up listening to John Denver, and was in Boy Scouts. My themes are personal, and I feel they reflect restlessness and a balance . I enjoy the freedom of painting and I see it as a battle between expression and the desire to be overly realistic.

Corienne Bruner

I have spent not only my adult life but also most of my childhood in pursuit of various forms of art. I have always been told that I have clever fingers and an eye for the unusual. To this day I haven't met an art form that I dislike, and I really love combining different aspects of art into many of the things I make. The reason I do what I do is really quite simple. I love creating pretty things, and if something I make can bring a smile to someone else, I consider that a job well done. 

Corienne is the creator of the official Afterglow ring, feauring the orange sapphire donated by Carter Jewelers! 

Wired Whymsy

Eli Childers

Eli Childers is a self taught artist and sculptor from Jackson MS. His work centers on evoking emotion from both the human experience and the natural world. He has two daughters that are constant inspirations and they remind him that even when the roads of life are difficult they are always worth traveling. His goal in life is to constantly encourage others to never give up on their dreams and to be the best and truest versions of ourselves.

As a realism artist, I paint using egg tempera, oil and watercolor. I draw with graphite, color pencil and charcoal. My art is about the feelings it evokes. I see things or people and wonder how they look as a painting or drawing, or sometimes my ideas come from dreams.  My art brings out a sense of the familiar. I blend the common objects or people of everyday life and cause the viewer to say, "I've seen that" or "I have been there." I have a BA in Art from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. I also have a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. I am an Ordained Minister in the Mississippi United Methodist Conference.  I find my art is like an old friend who is always there in good times and trying times.

Gary Howse

Andrea Clanton

Through high school, college, babies, and marriage, creative expression has been the core of Andrea’s outlook on life. An English major, Andrea happened upon studio art classes late in college and poured herself into photography classes, in particular. She continues the task of personal expression believing that creativity itself is a collaboration between the artist and a Creator.

Andrea’s work has been featured in Mississippi Galleries and Delta Magazine. The furniture retailer I.O. Metro chose three photographs to be sold in their stores nationwide. She operates a photography business, is a former director for First Street Gallery, and also enjoys graphic design and writing.

Swiss Willow is a family craft business owned by Lee and Leah Clark that focuses mainly on wood crafting. We craft wooden bowls, tables, cutting boards, shelves, etc. Our crafts are sold on our Swiss Willow facebook page, at festivals, and we are regular vendors at the Grenada Farmer's Market. We are currently taking custom orders for Christmas. For contact information, please visit our Facebook page. Don't forget to get your orders in early!


Lee & Leah Clark

Rena' D. Herbison

Rena’ has been a nurse for over 35 years and has been a R.N. since 1987. Most of her career has been in management of some type. Currently she is a case manager at Boliver Medical Center in Cleveland, MS.

Two years ago she was inspired by the artwork of her friend from early childhood, and started pencil sketching. Soon afterwards she advanced to acrylic painting and now has started using oil paint as her media. She started out doing mostly pencil sketches of portraits, and now focuses on landscapes with emphasis on “Primitive Art.” She is inspired by cotton fields, rivers, old delta scenery, and enjoys painting antebellum homes.

Rena’ has recently begun to sell some of her paintings and feels blessed by the Lord to be able to donate some of her work for charitable causes She has donated several works for fundraisers at Morrison Chapel Baptist Church where she is a member.

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Lacey's Candle Company

I started making candles about a year ago, by the suggestion of my boyfriend Justin, now he and I make the candles at our home in Grenada. Candle making is definitely my favorite hobby! I am very passionate about my candles, each one is made with love in every ounce!  My most popular scents are: Mulberry, Kudzu, Victoria's Secret Love Spell, and Hazelnut Coffee. Come see me at Afterglow to see which of my scents you like the best!

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