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Tony Davenport Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Art Artist


Tony Davenport


Tony painted the beautiful cover artwork for the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival programs! He's a socially conscious “artprenuer” who uses his unique talent to promote health and build community, Davenport supports numerous positive causes through his art creations, including the American Heart Association and Mississippi HeARTS Against AIDS.

Jackson, MS

Mekong Blue Scarves 

Silk scarves - available from Well Made Goods. These high quality silk scarves are hand crafted by Cambodian women. They grow the silk, spin it, dye it and weave it into these gorgeous, textured creations. Purchase of these items greatly aids in the lives of these ambitious women.

Imagine Brazil Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Art Artist
Imagine Brazil


This jewelry is designed and crafted by Circe Zugno, orinially from Manaus, Amazonas. The materials are selected from the finest natural stones, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearls. The unique and fashionable designs range from classical to exotic. Each piece is one of a kind. Guaranteed.

Memphis, TN 

Don Jacobs





Carol Roark Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Art Artist
Robin Whitfield


Robin Whitfield, nature artist, is inspired by the swamplands of Mississippi.  Her vision of wildlife comes alive in her vivid watercolor creations.  She's a native of Grenada and an art instructor, well loved by her students. 

Robin's Facebook Page

Grenada, MS

Robin Whitfield Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Art Artist swamp flowers
Carol Roark


Carol is fascinated by color and how light, time of day and season affect it. When asked what she thinks makes her portraits special, Coral replied "Being an avid horse person myself (I show quater horse hunters), I understand that a portrait has to be so much more than just a painting of a horse. It has to be THAT horse to the point the animal's total personality shines through. That is what I strive for in each portrait I produce." Carol has produced portraits of many quarter horse greats and her paintings and drawings have been featured in magazines and provided the cover art for the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show progra cover from 1995-2004.

Batesville, MS

Sharon Marcum Gardner

Grenada, MS

Sharon teaches the "Kreative Kids" art class, as well as teaching art to adults. She took classes from one of the most prestigious designers in America and England and attended MUW, Patricia Stevens Finishing School, Patricia Stevens Design School, and Oklahoma water color classes. She's a proud member of National Women in the Arts, Parents Television Council, Concerned Women of America, First Baptist Church Womens Ministry, Grenada Garden Club, Jr. Auxiliary, and Who's Who Women of the Southeast. 

Carey Deaton Unkommon Klay Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Art Artist Pottery

Carrollton, MS

Working as a labor and delivery LPN for 29 years, things can get a little stressful. Having always been into crafts, sewing, and reading, Carey took a pottery class at Arts for Success in Greenwood about 6 years ago and loved it. Handbuilding is her favorite but she plays with the wheel on occasion. She makes most of the glazes for the Arts for Success Co-op and makes her own at home where she has her own kiln, wheel and slab roller. She no longer has time for one of her favorite hobbies, reading, so she listens to audiobooks while she creates practical works of art. The support she gets from her husband, Robert, and her grandchildren is what keeps her doing what she loves.

Carey Deaton - Unkommon Klay


Sarah Beaugez

Chad Smith 

Charles Chapin 

Gabriella DeLawey

Grenada, MS

Ms. DeLawey is an accomplished artist who has won numerous awards for her mixed media gourds and art dolls. She was a 2010 recipient of a Visual Arts Fellowship Grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. Ms. DeLawey resides in Grenada, Mississippi.



Batesville, MS

Chad is a historic photographer who also plays the keyboard in various musical groups. Watch him play inside Dyre Kent at 1:00-3:00! He likes to use an antique view camera with a shadow curtain and develops the images himself. 

Greenwood, MS

Charles began his study of art in a class as an elementary student, but his interest in art was put on hold as his family moved to California where he took up art in school. He returned to Greenwood for his senior year and graduated highschool. Serving in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Hawaii, he applied to the head of the Combat Art Program at Headquarters Marine Corps where he was given a transfer to a program that would allow him to continue his studies in art. Upon his discharge from the service he went to work for a local sign company where his art skills were put to good use, he then left the sign company to open his own business, a family fitness center, where he did his painting.  He studied the old masters and sold his paintings as "affordable masterpieces". He enjoys painting Delta blues legends and hunting dogs. He has won first place in the Meridian Museum of Art's Peoples Choice competition. He has exhibited paintings at the B. B. King Museum in Indianola and the Cottonlandia Museum in Greenwood.  He's shown art at the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, and at the Double Decker Festival in Oxford. His paintings have been bought by enthusiasts from many states, and has one of his B. B. King paintings is hanging in a home in Denmark. Pride in his Delta heritage is shown in all of his artwork and makes his paintings much sought after by art buyers. Charles is a proud member of the Oxford Artists Guild.

Indianola, MS

Having spent twenty-four years as a caregiver, a corporate wife, and co-owner in the financial planning corporation, Sarah had begun her own business designing and assembling one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. She also designed a house, which graced the pages of Mississippi magazine in 2004. Sarah’s passion is writing and photography, and has published a book entitled Outer Edge of Grace, a memoir on being a caregiver for her son, who was born with a challenging birth defect. She is currently writing and photographing a coffee table cook book, writes short stories and is working on another book. Summing up her life thus far in a single word, Sarah uses the word “color.” She now lives and breathes in living color, not many black and whites or shades of grey. She’s won an award with the Lower Delta Outdoor photography contest, and The Mississippi Library commission has recently invited her to do an exhibition of her work about Mississippi in 2015. In 2012, she was nominated as one of the candidates to receive the prestigious position of Leading Business Women in Mississippi.

She is currently traveling as a physical therapist and is living in Indianola.

13 Chicks Mercantile

Oxford, MS

"A former art history major, I became fascinated with textiles and old fashioned arts and crafts such as knitting, felting, and hand embroidery. I created 13 Chicks Mercantile out of the desire to spend more time on my mini-farm with my thirteen chickens, two pygmy goats, my husband and fellow artist, daughter, and a duck, and to have a creative outlet. I especially love making teeny tiny stuffed animals and try to blend as much of my farm life into my work as possible."

Alane Nokes Denton

Greenwood, MS 

Born in 1960, Alane Nokes Denton is a mixed media Portrait Artist.  Alane lives in Greenwood, MS where she was born and raised.  She attended Delta State University and studied CommercialDesign.  Her portraits are completed using pencil, watercolor, colored pencil and touches of acrylic.  She also enjoys bringing old snapshots to life in new works.

Laffayette County, MS

J-MAN, a native of Jackson, Tennessee, has called Oxford, Mississippi home for the past ten years. Being a self taught musician, carpenter, photographer, and most anything else he sets his mind to, it was in his move to Oxford that he let his creativity take control and rediscovered himself. The outcome is a combination of multiple self-taught styles and techniques culminating in what he calls “Mixed Media Outsider Folk Pop”.
His primary subject matter is drawn from his faith in God, painting vivid church scenes, choir singers, and humorous depictions of the devil himself. This faith and his strong belief in stewardship is the very reason he paints with reclaimed house paint on castoff plywood saved from construction-site dumpsters. “If I can take what would otherwise become garbage in a landfill, and use it to put a little laughter in the air or a smile on someone’s face, that’s what makes me do this.”, and the colorful paintings of J-MAN most always do just that.
He lives with his wife and daughter on a peaceful little farm in the middle of nowhere. His artwork is in public and private collections across the United States and can be found online through his website, Etsy, and Twitter.

Andrea Clanton 

Grenada, MS

Through high school, college, babies, and marriage, creative expression has been the core of Andrea’s outlook on life. An English major, Andrea happened upon studio art classes late in college and poured herself into photography classes, in particular. She continues the task of personal expression believing that creativity itself is a collaboration between the artist and a Creator.

Andrea’s work has been featured in Mississippi Galleries and Delta Magazine. The furniture retailer I.O. Metro chose three photographs to be sold in their stores nationwide. She operates a photography business, is a former director for First Street Gallery, and also enjoys graphic design and writing.

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