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Piggy Que Express

"Our menu for your proposed event would be as follows: 16 hr smoked pulled  pork sandwiches and dinner plates with beans and slaw, Smoked Hot Links sandwiches, Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwiches, Barbeque Bologna Sandwiches, Barbeque Spaghetti Plate with Slaw, and Funnel Cakes for Dessert."


Piggy Que


Sweetwater Blue'z
Sweetwater Bleu'z Creole and Cajun Cooking Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Food

Creole and cajin cooking on the roll! Chef Neyamijah can cook you up something savory. Serving up everything from seafood perogues, to shrimp creole with grits, to barbecued ox tail, Sweetwater Bleu’z can give you a true taste of the south. For dessert, try an option like sweet potato cheesecake with caramel pecan sauce or a Bread pudding.

Small Time Hotdogs Grenada Afterglow Film Festival Mississippi Food

Two hotdog enthusiasts operate a mobile hotdog stand across Grenada and Winona. Favorites on WABG Good Morning Mississippi, Small Time Hotdogs has become a local phenomenon. With specialty dogs such as the Kaos Dog: a dog with brown mustard, onions, hot peppers and hot sauce; the Bam Dog: a dog wih chili, cheese, mustard, onions, and hot peppers; and the infamous Mutt Dog: and grand conglomeration of anything and everything, you can't go wrong! Not in the mood for a hotdog? Try some of their delicious nachos, tamales, sausages and pulled pork sandwiches too!


Small Time Hotdogs
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