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What kind of workshops do you want to see at Afterglow next year? Let us Know!

2015 Workshops

Dance with Redefining Studios

Get up and dance! Keauna Nicole King of Redefining Studios will have you moving your feet! 


  • Open to kids and adults!

  • Free!


To learn more about Redefining Studios, CLICK HERE.

5:00 p.m.

Keauana King is a 27 year old dancer, choreographer, pageant coach and owner of Redefining Studios. She is a graduate of Grenada High. She attended Itawamba Community College and Mississippi State University. She was Miss Inphinity 2010 & 2nd Runner Up(2009) & Best Talent (2010) for Miss Black & Gold at MSU. She represented Grenada in the Miss Magnolia State Pageant and the Miss MS USA Pageant. She is the President of the Psi Colony in Starkville, MS of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity, Inc. She teaches dance throughout North MS.

Darius Burl is a 26 year old native of Grenada, MS. He is assistant & make choreographer for Redefining Studios. He produces, mixes, and composes music for dance teams and individuals. He is an artist as well. He specializes in break dancing, popping and locking, and hip hip. He is a member of the Psi Colony Of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity, Incorporated where he is Treasurer.

Redefining Studios is a traveling performing arts business where dance and music are taught as a discipline and art. Our purpose is to teach dance as an art and discipline. We encourage youth advocacy and team work in hope for a better community and state. We choreograph for weddings, receptions, dance teams, cheer teams, community events, and individuals alike. We start ages 2 & up. Check us out at or email is
Let us help you #redefineyourself

All workshops are FREE to attend and open to all ages! Located inside 135 First St.

Creative Writing with Jason Patrick Hudson

Are you interested in writing stories? Scripts? This is the workshop for you! Get the tips and tricks you need to know to get started!


  • Open to All Ages

  • Free!

Jason Patrick Hudson is the Executive Director of Glimpse Entertainment Company. He has been in the performing arts industry for over a decade where he has worked with small community theatres, national touring shows, and repertory dance companies around the nation. He is currently finishing a degree in Theatre Design, Music, and Business Administration at The University of Mississippi.

11:15 a.m.

Amy George Garrett grew up in Hernando, MS. She has always had a passion for art, especially acting, theatre, and film. While studying theatre in college, she participated in numerous community theatre shows. She also did work as an extra in movies and tv shows. She is very excited to be contributing to the art community here in Grenada!

Want to star in movies? Or be the star on stage? You have to start somewhere! Amy George Garrett will teach you the acting essentials!


  • Open to All Ages

  • Free!

Acting with Amy George Garrett

10:30 a.m.

Art with Sharon Gardner

Learn painting techniques, paint a picture, and take it home with you!


  • Open to All Ages

  • Free!

Sharon Gardner teaches the "Kreative Kids" art class, as well as teaching art to adults. She took classes from one of the most prestigious designers in America and England and attended MUW, Patricia Stevens Finishing School, Patricia Stevens Design School, and Oklahoma water color classes. She's a proud member of National Women in the Arts, Parents Television Council, Concerned Women of America, First Baptist Church Womens Ministry, Grenada Garden Club, Jr. Auxiliary, and Who's Who Women of the Southeast. 

12:15 p.m.

Jessica McLean has been cosplaying for three years and has cosplayed as evvee, Tohru Honda, Hatsune Miku, Pinky Pie, Nepeta Lejion, Jade Harley and Violet Link . She is the leader of the cosplay group Malfunctioning Productions. She would like to thank all of her friends and family who have supported and helped her to get this far in the hobby she loves.

Your name is Kazzy Clupka, totally your legit name (actually Cassandra Clupka), and you are a cosplayer who was born in Texas. You moved to Mississippi and became homestuck trash. That is why you like to *think* you are the leader of malfunctioningProductions when in reality you are a low blood compared to Jessica/Senpai/moirail. You cosplay as Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Jake English, Len Kagamine, Applejack, link, and L. You like lots of things, including Steven universe and supernatural, also psych. That is it for your bio. 

Sierra Alldread has been cosplaying for three years and is a member of malfunctioning productions. She cosplays as Rin Kagamine, Kisa Sohma, Fluttershy, Terez Pyrope, Dave Strider, Blue Link, and Jeff the Killer. She wants to thank everyone who has supported her.

2:00 p.m.

Into to Cosplay with Malfunctioning Productions

Heard a lot about cosplay but have noi clue what it is? This workshop is for you! Immerse yourself in an "Intro to Cosplay" taught by a group of experienced cosplayers!


  • Open to All Ages

  • Free!

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