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Grenada Gaming League in partnership with the Mississippi Smash League and the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival presents Afterglow Throwdown on Saturday October 8th starting at 11:00 AM. This will be the biggest gaming tournament in Mississippi this year and we would love to see you there. This tournament will be tied into the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival which is even greater incentive to come for the fact that even when your matches are over you have a huge festival to explore right outside of the building. We have a $500 pot bonus that could possibly grow between now and October 8th with top players attending from TN, AL, AR, LA and possibly even Florida again this time. This will have a huge skill level along with a large cash prize for Sm4sh and SFV. For those who have attended our other tournaments you know that we throw the best tournaments in our power and provide the best time possible. As last time DRX will be down from Memphis to help stream the event live.


Schedule: (Subject to Change)

-11:00 am: Venue Opens

-12:30 pm: Pokemon 3DS and Yugioh Tournaments begin

-1:00 pm: Rocket League and MKX Tournaments begin

-1:30 pm: Mario Kart Championship and Pokken Tournament begin

-2:30 pm Smash 4 Doubles begins

-5:00 pm Smash 4 Singles and Street Fighter V begins


*Each Tournament's registration closes 30 minutes before the start of the event. (Ex: If tournament start time is 12:00 then registration closes at 11:30 sharp.)


Pre-Registration is the only way to secure placement.





Venue Fee = $10 (Gets you into the venue and also gives you the ability to participate in free tournaments featuring a wide variety of games.) (Mortal Kombat X, Pokken Tournament, Mario Kart 8, Rocket League, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon) and free play.


-If you come in full cosplay, venue fee will be completely waived. (Refunded at the door)

-If you bring a full set up, you will get $5 off venue fee. (Refunded at the door)


Tournament Fee =

  • $10 Sm4sh

  • $10 SFV


All other Tournaments are free to enter.


Winners Payouts for Smash 4 and SFV

-1st: 50%

-2nd: 25%

-3rd: 15%

-4th: 10%


Free to Enter Tournaments will have a variety of Prizes for top finishers. Possible door prizes and other exciting giveaways.


Fees are refundable until pre-registration closes on Saturday, Oct 1st, 2016.


If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the Afterglow staff as listed:


-Tournament Director: Raley Hilmus (662) 688-6842

-Smash 4 T.O: Christopher Primeaux (901) 355-9223

-SFV T.O: Narada Pollard (601) 951-4229


-Mario Kart 8 T.O (TBD)

-Rocket League T.O (TBD)

-Pokken Tournament T.O (TBD)

-Yugioh T.O John Thomas: (662) 271-4912

-Pokemon 3DS T.O's: Jamie Coleman (662) 809-9772 and Joseph Brummet (662) 816-7226

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